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A Princess In The Making
   I have been sewing as a business for over 20 years,
making clothes, home fashion, and decorative items.  Over
the years I have enjoyed making formal and bridal wear for
family and friends using my dressmaking and alterations
skills.  I enjoy taking someone's fashion ideas and working
it out with fabric and notions.  I take great pleasure in
seeing the garment not only fit well, but look flattering.  My
goal is to help each woman be the princess of her special
Alteration, Dressmaking, and Sewing  Services
About Allsewnup
Bridal Gown Alterations
 If the ready made wedding dress you see doesn't fit or you almost love it, we can
work together to create your custom look making alterations to your purchased dress.
 If your bridal gown needs some adjustment in the bodice for a better fit, or is too
long, alterations can be made for a perfect fit.   

Dressmaking - Original Custom Design Wedding Gowns and Formal Dresses
 Using patterns as the basis of the design, I can take your ideas and vision and
create a one of a kind original wedding gown, attendants dresses, junior bridesmaids
dress or flower girl dress.  Dressmaking is a skill I have developed over many years.  
Adding your special vision to the creation is something I really enjoy doing.

Formal Dress Alterations
 Not every girl is the perfect size.  In fact, most girls are not the perfect size.  If you
have found the look, but have hard to fit sizes in your bridal party, I can alter ready
made formal dresses, create a matching alternative, or create a custom treatment
with what is available.  Using my alteration and dressmaking skills, I will work with you
to create the look you want in your attendants.  

Wedding & Bridal Gown Design Changes
 If you don't see what you want in a ready made dress or the pattern, I can make
design changes.  It is possible to add or remove shoulder straps, add sleeves, or cap
sleeves, add a bustle, add or remove a ruffle, and even more.  Let me explore the
possibilities with you to see what would be beautiful and flattering for you.

Fabric Shop & Haberdashery
 We now supply all types of fabric and Materials, If you cannot see what you are after
in the store, we will be able to order most materials/fabrics for your needs .

Sewing Classes for all
 We now do weekly sewing classes. If you are a beginner or
experienced Sewer, we have a class to suit you.  Do you have Children?. We do classes for 8-11 year olds and 11-16 year olds.

Women's Clothing Alterations
 Very often ready made clothing does not fit as well as it should, or we either loose or
gain a little weight.  Alterations can be made to provide better fit and to make the style
of the item more in style with the times.  Seams, hems, and refits.
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